Winter Season Survival Basics-- Water

Hey, this is Tyler with Survivopedia.

Came right here with Chris. We're doing a little bit of winter season survival scenarios. Wan na talk really fast about water.

We've spoken about fire and sanctuary and this is the base degree sanctuary. Sanctuary, also, as well as I'm going to sort of state this, the clothes that you're putting on are shelter, obtaining your butt off the ground is sanctuary, quiting on your own from the wind is shelter, which you can do by accumulating fire wood.

What's following?


So right, if we're gon na move to water, I such as to bring a clean canteen. All it is a single wall surface canteen that I can steam in. It's a half a gallon which suggests I just get a boil is two times a day. A lot of people will obtain these little mugs, right?

Yet mathematically what you will damage down. It's very labor-intensive

Yes, like16 boils. Okay, minimum, right? Because one cup is what? Like a 8th-- yep-- of a gallon, right? And also I don't constantly obtain a full cup of water since I'm boiling a fifty percent to 2 thirds or I can simply obtain something that allows and do it twice a day.

When you're saying that snow, similar to this handful of snow, is 90% air, fix?

Yes. So, I need 9 gallons of that volume of water to make one gallon of water.

Okay, which gets foolish is really quick. Yeah, so I require to fill this 9 times up.

Well, it's a half gallon. So, for a gollon you're doing 18, right?

Yes, correct. So, I need to do 18. If you can take it out of the creek, or you can obtain real ice, that's going to be much more dense as well as it's going to work. It's going to provide you water faster.

Okay, right.

You do require to take down two of these a day. If you're not drinking, at the very least that much, you're supporting the curb and also get dried out. Yeah. Okay? Some other misnomers when it pertains to water. That's the major one. Individuals believe you can not eat snow, right? Can't consume if you miss out on the greatest hole in your mouth. Cold, huh? I'll come back to that.

There is a misnomer that you can not consume snow since it will create hypothermia. Hypothermia is caused by hypothermia. This isn't going to drop your core temperature level, low sufficient for it to matter. Especially if you're relocating or you're functioning while you're out doing stuff consume snow. My evidence of this is we have several generations of Eskimo, Tlingit, Inuit, Native Americans that lived north of the Polar circle where there are no rivers, simply eating snow. Yeah, so there's nothing wrong with consuming snow. If you're entering into hypothermia, quit there. Get a fire. Get some other stuff on.

There's nothing wrong with getting a plastic bag that you place snow in, that your body melts. If it gets also chilly, take that off your body. Steam it. Find an additional way to manage it. Yet my go to my fallback, in wintertime, when it pertains to water is thawing as well as boiling in a can and also I know a great deal of you are mosting likely to right away claim, well, what regarding those filters, right? Yeah. What takes place when you fill up a filter with water and you leave it out in a freezing atmosphere.

Well, there's going to be water in there, despite how much you empty and that evening it's going to freeze over as well as break it.

And also it's gon na break in if it doesn't function. So, get yourself a canteen, eat snow, unless you're too chilly. Drink all the water you can sustain. Make stews. And also what I mean by that is take, take the pointers from pine trees, take water edibles, put them because water. Boil it. Consume it. Get your nutrients, your vitamin C, consume alcohol two of these today and you're excellent to go.

All right. With any luck, that's beneficial for you. And thank you for enjoying.

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