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You comprehend now, do not you? You will never injure me once again. You will never ever eliminate me once again. Never again! Darkseid tried to replicate End ofthe world, producing an army of End ofthe world "clones". Darkseid was unable to duplicate completely the animal in all its raw power however still used the duplicates as his infantryman, normally for diversions or intimidations.

When Superman traveled to Apokolips to reclaim the life of Steel, Mortalla (Darkseid's better half) purchased his soldiers to release End ofthe world to assist Darkseid. Doomsday's short flexibility was rapidly halted by Steel in the Entropy Aegis, an armor with unbelievable power that had been constructed out of the remains of an Imperiex probe.

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With his newly found intelligence, Doomsday managed to leave Apokolips and go back to Earth. Upon his arrival, Doomsday experienced a series of feelings formerly alien to him: love, compassion, and kindness. Checking out the complete series of these brand-new feelings, End ofthe world made his method to Metropolitan area again, though not in the devastating way he had in the past.

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In a new future, Doomsday was kept in mind as one of Earth's greatest heroes, who continued Superman's tradition by leading an army under his name against the army of Gog. This new timeline ended when it was revealed that Superman was still alive, trapped and tortured with kryptonite for two centuries by Gog.

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Gog provided to remedy the past by returning Doomsday to an earlier point in the timeline but, in the procedure, End ofthe world would lose his intelligence and mankind. Gone back to today, an unconscious End ofthe world was transported away by a younger variation of Gog to an unidentified area for an unidentified purpose.