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History Origin In the early days of the planet, Krypton was a violent, hellish world where just the absolute greatest of creatures might endure (at the time, the world's dominant lifeforms were stated to be the most dangerous creatures in deep space). End ofthe world's developer was a mystical alien named Bertron, who wished to create the supreme life-form.

Each time, whatever of the lifeform's stays that made it through were collected and used once again, to develop a better, stronger variation than the previous. In short, the mad researcher was using the approach of cloning to speed up the advancement of the being he was developing. Bertron called his creation Ultimate. Through decades of this process, the being who would ultimately end up being End ofthe world was required to sustain the agony of death, thousands upon countless times; the memory of these many deaths was taped in his genes and drove it to dislike all life.

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At this moment he continued to hound and kill all of the deadly animals that lived in Krypton. When it saw Bertron, End ofthe world considered him and the group to be a hazard due to their roles in his numerous deaths and attacked the ship they were working in. Bertron himself fulfilled his death at the hands of his own creation.

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He began with crash landing on Bylan 5, a planet where Darkseid will wed a princess (in order to acquire that planet's chemical deposits for Apokolips' weapons factories). Just as End Ofthe World and Darkseid were to fulfill in fight, Darkseid was forced to leave as the fight had triggered the world's environment to end up being poisonous and for that reason useless to Apokolips.

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This shuttle eventually crashed on Khundia. The warring Khundian clans unified in order to develop protective armor for a warrior named Kobald. His objective was to endure enough time to require End ofthe world onto a rocket. When the rocket was in space, End ofthe world eliminated Kobald and the resulting surge sent him hurling through space.