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Upon closer examination of the peculiar-looking drifting rock, the ship's crew obtained the object hoping to find something of worth. The scavenger vessel took place to be on a route to Apokolips. End ofthe world was completely rested and, after slaughtering the crew of the salvage ship, found himself landing on the harsh world.

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With the assistance of his JLA contacts, Superman acquired a Mother Box, a thinking computer system, after Darkseid's servant Desaad gotten in touch with Earth about a problem on Apokolips. Unidentified to Superman, Doomsday had actually faced and beaten Darkseid himself in single combat (even surviving Darkseid's fabled Omega Beams) and was laying waste to Apokolips.

Nevertheless, since Doomsday is basically able to adapt and get rid of any challenger due to the fact that of the procedure by which he was created (he was constantly stronger than he had been prior to his last death); Radiant can not defeat him more than as soon as. Likewise, Superman can not eliminate Doomsday more than as soon as. Superman, while understanding this, was consumed with stopping Doomsday and traveled to Calaton.

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He was required to utilize one of Waverider's time travel devices to leave End ofthe world stranded at the End of Time, where Doomsday was lastly and completely destroyed by the one force he might never ever adjust to; entropy. Duplicates An imperfect duplicate of End ofthe world was produced by an expert system based on the son of researcher Medical professional Julian Lazarus, who was trying to bring his boy back after being responsible for the mishap that eliminated him.

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Regardless of the duplicate possessing all of End ofthe world's raw strength, with the help of the new Wonder Woman, and the disguised Hercules (presently impersonating brand-new hero Champ in a plot versus the Amazons), Wonder Female was able to shatter the false End ofthe world when he was provided access to so much power that his bone spurs covered his body, leaving him not able to move and decreased to a simple statue that Wonder Woman was able to shatter.